Our Materials


Genuine sea or beach glass is any glass that has, over time, been tumbled through sand and surf to create smooth glass 'jewels'. Glass is made with soda and lime and when tumbled in water for long periods hydration starts, forming crystallization on the glass which makes it appear frosty, something that can only be achieved naturally.
As supplies of genuine Seaglass dwindle due to increased use of plastics and more people becoming collectors, it continues to go up in price. This creates a market for cheaper, artificially tumbled and etched craft glass which is fine in its own right but should not be mistaken for the genuine article.

All the Seaglass used in our jewellery is hand collected by us and entirely as nature has made it. It has not been tumbled or shaped, simply carefully drilled and combined with sterling silver, creating a precious item from something once broken and discarded.


Sterling Silver (STS), is the international silver standard, 92.5% pure silver content, hallmark 925.

Hill Tribe Silver is made by various hill tribes living in the mountainous north of Thailand. They use silver which is typically 95-99% pure, which means that it is softer than sterling silver which is 92.5%.

This higher silver content makes it easier to shape into unique and intricate beads, all of which are hand made using techniques and tools passed down through the generations.


Many semi-precious stones are believed to have special properties, below are descriptions of some of our favourites.

AGATE, said to be one of the oldest stones in recorded history it was highly valued as a talisman in ancient times and used by Persian magicians to divert storms. Agates are thought to protect the wearer from danger and stimulate success.

AMETHYST is derived from the Greek amethystos, meaning 'not intoxicated'. It is believed to bring stability, peace and strength. Birthstone for February.

CARNELIAN is for confidence. It is said to motivate, and is sometimes refered to as a 'self-esteem' stone.

CRYSTAL derived from the Ancient Greek “krustallos” meaning ice. It was believed that quartz was ice that was formed by the gods so never melted. Believed to be the most powerful healing and energy amplifier.

FLUORITE named after the Latin ’to flow’ fluorite is considered to be the most powerful healing stone.

GARNET in medieval times were thought to cure depression and protect against bad dreams.Traditionally known as the 'stone of commitment' it symbolizes true and never-ending love. Birthstone for January.

JASPER, known as the 'patron stone of counsellors and healers' and is believed to have an energy that’s grounding and stabilising.

SODALITE is supposed to be especially valuable for those in mental confusion, helping to rationalize decisions and calm the emotions. It’s been said that a piece of Sodalite under the pillow can help you to remember dreams.